Sustainability statement

There’s not much point championing the brilliance of our young authors unless we look after the planet long enough for them to tell their stories. We’re VERY conscious of the environmental impact publishing can have and so we do our best to be as green as possible. It’s the only way…

We’re well aware that paperback books are still the most popular, and will be for some time. So in order to reduce the environmental impact of printing our books, we use Print on Demand facilities in the country the book is purchased in order to reduce waste, returns, pulping and our carbon footprint. We endeavour to only print our books with printers which are also environmentally conscious – using only FSC certified paper (or equivalent) to ensure that the forests of the world are sustainable.

We also champion paperless book formats: eBooks, Audiobooks, Apps and Games to help the environment and reduce our CO2 footprint.

The Salad Pages team proactively keep abreast of new technologies entering the industry that will improve production, use of paper and energy efficiency. We don’t shy away from a bit of extra production cost in order to use environmentally friendly and sustainable materials and publishing processes.

In house, our team makes sure waste is recycled and kept to a minimum. We keep our carbon footprint low preferring to use video conferencing to travel long distances where possible. Allowing employees to work from home is encouraged.

We aim to be A New Age of Books in a new age of sustainability.