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Four years. It’s a long time to be with someone. Four years of love, joy and shared memories. Four years of commitment so your partner feels they can rightly say “you’re mine”. But at what stage does commitment become ownership? At what stage does ownership become control? At what stage do you need to declare:

“I don’t belong to you. I don’t belong to anyone.”



Everything is going perfectly for university student Avery Emerson. She has a loving boyfriend, fabulous friends and she’s even started that book she always dreamed of writing. Perfect.
But when Avery’s boyfriend moves to be closer to her, things begin to unravel. Avery thought she knew everything about Luke, yet little by little she discovers her soul-mate has become someone she doesn’t recognise. Someone who will do anything to have her, all to himself.
Mine is a moving story that examines how meaningful love can deteriorate into something toxic. When belonging together is no longer on equal terms.

Emily Merrill

Emily is an enthusiastic and gifted writer! She grew up in the coastal village of Formby near Liverpool and has recently graduated with a degree in Geography from The University of Leeds. Emily will soon be moving to York to live with her best friend and pursue her dream of writing. Emily can most likely be found in a café with a great book and a hot chocolate!
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12 reviews for Mine

  1. Hannah Heartss

    This book was brilliantly written. It’s crazy to think that this is Emily’s debut and I am already excited to read whatever she writes next. And while it is a book mainly about a toxic relationship, it is also about a girl in her early twenties at university, making friends and having family issues at home. And how that toxic relationship also affects her other relationships. Every aspect of this book was handled well and believably written making it relatable.

    Hannah Heartss

  2. The Bookish Gurl Blog

    I really enjoyed reading this book that was hard to read at times, it focuses on such raw and heartbreaking subject matter in a very dignified way. It showed that even the most perfect seeming relationships can hide dark secrets.
    This was an incredible debut and I can’t recommend it enough!!! I rated it 5/5 stars!


  3. Tales of a Literary Addict

    Emily’s writing had me hooked from the first few pages. Mine is a book about taking back your own life and realising you’re nobodies possession.

    Tales of a Literary Addict

  4. Ciara’s Corner

    As a Young Adult novel, I feel that Emily did an amazing job of highlighting not only the typical issues facing university students as they step into adulthood but also of the way that abusive relationships can and do impact young people.
    Mine was such a well written and compelling debut that I can’t wait to see what Emily does next!


  5. Joyful Antidotes

    Mine is not just a story about abuse. It is also a story about finding yourself and learning to stand on your own two feet. And it is also a story about friendship. And when those two themes are combined they make for a very emotional yet inspiring story.


  6. The Gryphon Newspaper

    Tragic. Heart breaking. Gripping. Unapologetically beautiful. ‘Mine’ encapsulates themes from abuse, trauma, friendship and ambition in a neat 378 pages.
    Five stars for Emily Merrill, I fell in love with Avery and the world she has created. An old school wordsmith with a knack for difficult topics. Bring on novel number two; Merrill is a star in our midst, and one to watch.

    The Gryphon Newspaper

  7. Imagine Amalee

    I could not put this book down once I had started. This has probably made it onto my list of 2019 favourites as I easily gave it 5 stars. This book was so amazing and moving, I think it’s a book everybody would love.


  8. Northern Reader

    It is a well written novel, with lively and often funny dialogue, characters that feel realistic, and a setting which is understandable and easy to relate to. Overall I found this an engaging, fascinating and challenging book


  9. This Girl Talks

    What a novel it is! Covering the difficult topic of controlling, abusive relationships, Ms Merrill does it flawlessly.
    I genuinely think this book should be in Secondary School libraries across the country. ‘Mine’ shows how the smallest of actions collectively suddenly become manipulative, and even the wisest of people will not dare to believe it is happening to them.


  10. The Wellbeing Blogger

    I found Emily’s book so close to reality that I could almost swear it wasn’t a fictional story at all. It’s a very raw and real depiction of what happens in an abusive relationship. First and foremost, you are swept off your feet and ‘love bombed’. Emily’s novel touches base with all these aspects and it teaches us the most precious lesson of all: we are enough and worthy, no matter what, and we must NEVER stay in an abusive relationship.


  11. Stacy is Reading

    Mine is a raw and powerful look at the darker side of love. It’s a story that is very much needed, for our younger readers out there, to raise awareness of manipulation and abuse. I for one can’t wait to see what Emily Merrill brings to the table next.


  12. Laura Patricia Rose

    Mine was a really well written read. I felt like I was reading from a well-learned author so I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the Emily is only 21. The whole story and character development just felt so real and believable to me and despite this not being your typical page-turner, I read this so quickly as I was just so invested in Avery and where her story would lead.
    This book was a real eye opener for me and deals with the tough subject of emotional and physical abuse. Although both terrible, it was the emotional abuse that really got to me. Emily portrayed it really well. It is a lot harder to see and the damage can be even longer lasting. The battle that Avery goes through between her head and her heart really hit home as I have been in that position before. You love that person dearly and you know that what is happening isn’t right, but you start making excuses for that person and going into denial yourself and don’t want to face up to the reality that is happening.
    There were of course other elements that I thought were showcased really well like the friendships, the family fallout and reconciliations. Everything just felt so natural and again naturally led on from one another.

    Mine was a hugely impactful and insightful read that sensitively dealt with a very real and difficult issue. I am excited for what Emily has in store for us next.


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