We have eyes for a stunning cover

July 24, 2019

Wow…those eyes! We LOVE the mesmerising eyes on the cover of Nightmare Scenario. And what makes them SO unique is that they are designed completely from salvaged paper. Impressive right? They are the work of fabulous artist Laura Tallon. We asked Laura to tell us more about her company Paper Hawk and how she created the stunning cover for Nightmare Scenario:

My aim with Paper Hawk is to make engaging, interesting and unique bespoke illustrations that bring a brief to life through their character, texture and imperfections. I use papers salvaged from magazines, newspapers, recycling bins, empty paper packaging, donations from friends and colleagues – I’ll take anything! I love to think that I’m giving new life to something that would otherwise be thrown out, and it’s fun to find new materials to up-cycle within my work. I also create some of the papers myself by painting with watercolours or inks and then tearing these up too.

I want to keep Paper Hawk as kind to the planet as possible, so aim to use primarily salvaged paper within my work. I consider the environmental impact of everything I produce and hope to be as non-wasteful as possible.

Nightmare Scenario was a lovely project to work on. My favourite things to illustrate are people and animals, and I love creating eyes – they always bring the artwork to life, so when we discussed using the bright blue eyes of Kai as the basis for this project, I was eager to get going.

Before I start creating with paper, I set out my ‘palette’, which involves wading through my (rather huge) stock of papers and magazines to pick out a selection of the right sorts of colours, then once I have a good basis I get to work.
I don’t follow a strict structure, it’s quite absorbing once you begin, as the paper is rather trial and error, and often quite serendipitous as to what fits where and works. Initially it’s more unstructured playing with the shapes and colour, then suddenly the work begins to emerge and I begin to refine the process from there.

As I wanted to use the eye on a digitally created background, once I was happy with the physical artwork, I scanned the image, then worked on it in photoshop. Most of the work on the shadow and depth was done manually with paper, but I added a slight extra digital shadowing to the iris once on screen to give an extra bit oomph to the image and make it that bit more moody against the dark background.

We LOVE the finished result. Thank you Laura! Nightmare Scenario by Hazel Clarke is available to pre-order now on the Salad Pages e-shop here.

Check out Laura’s work and find out more about Paper Hawk: www.paperhawk.co.uk.



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