Nightmare Scenario book blog tour was a fab success

October 8, 2019


Hazel Clarke’s brilliant book Nightmare Scenario published on October 10th and we kicked off publication day with a fantastic book blog tour.

It was a super line up, if we do say so ourselves! We’re delighted so many wonderful book bloggers could take part and we’re so pleased they all enjoyed Hazel’s debut novel. Here’s a round up of their comments and don’t forget to check out their super blogs. You can also read all the reviews of Nightmare Scenario on the books page of our website – and why not bag yourself a copy at the same time (go on!).

The reviews

Nightmare Scenario is a raw and honest tale of life and love that will leave you desperate for more. I was hooked to each and every word and I can’t praise this clever creation enough. – Stacy is Reading (
Wow! Just WOW! I abso-blooming-lutely loved this book! Hazel Clarke takes the reader on quite a scary ride in her inventive, imaginative, thought provoking and scarily realistic debut. A cross between The Hunger Games and 1984, Nightmare Scenario is set to be an absolute classic. It is such a stunning, visionary book and I am totally gobsmacked that Hazel Clarke wrote this when she was 19 years old. – The Book Magnet (
This is a very interesting book, it’s a young adult, yes, but it’s much more deeper than some adult books I’ve read! – Varietats 2010 (
This book is such a breath of fresh air! It is a YA book set in a dystopian world, it is a love story that focuses on mental health. I really loved it! – The Bookish Gurl Blog (
I wish I could write now at the age of 27 let alone at 19! Clarke has a fantastic way of walking you straight into the lives of her characters, making you sympathise and then pulling the rug out from underneath you. I mean this as the biggest compliment. – Tales of a Literary Addict (
As soon as I started this book, I knew I was in for a special ride. This is one of them books that takes you by the hand and tells you to run. – Readers Enjoy Authors Dreams (
Wow. I loved this book…once I got past the 50 page mark, I could not put it down. – Imagine Amalee (
A unique, cleverly written storyline from an author who has an older head on young shoulders – very impressed! – The Writing Garnet (
Nightmare Scenario does a wonderful job opening up the conversation on schizophrenia and psychosis. They are dealt with beautifully and respectfully. As the author has psychosis herself, she is able to truly write about the effect mental illness has on everyday life and how people are afraid to open up about it. – Joyful Antidotes (