MINE receives fab reviews

December 10, 2019
Emily Merrill’s beautiful book Mine published on November 18th and we kicked off publication day with a fab book blog tour.
It was a wonderful line up, if we do say so ourselves! We’re delighted so many super book bloggers could take part. Here’s a round up of their comments and don’t forget to check out their brilliant blogs. You can also read all the reviews of Mine on the books page of our eshop where you can also snap up your own copy of Mine (go on, why not treat yourself?!)

The Reviews

This book was brilliantly written. And while it is a book mainly about a toxic relationship, it is also about a girl in her early twenties at university, making friends and having family issues at home. And how that toxic relationship also affects her other relationships. Every aspect of this book was handled well and believably written making it relatable. – Hannah Heartss

This was an incredible debut and I can’t recommend it enough!!! I rated it 5/5 stars! – Bookish Gurl Blog

Emily’s writing had me hooked from the first few pages. Mine is a book about taking back your own life and realising you’re nobodies possession. – Tales of a Literary Addict

Mine was such a well written and compelling debut that I can’t wait to see what Emily does next! – Ciara’s Corner
Mine is not just a story about abuse. It is also a story about finding yourself and learning to stand on your own two feet. And it is also a story about friendship. And when those two themes are combined they make for a very emotional yet inspiring story. – Joyful Antidotes
Tragic. Heart breaking. Gripping. Unapologetically beautiful. ‘Mine’ encapsulates themes from abuse, trauma, friendship and ambition in a neat 378 pages. Five stars for Emily Merrill, I fell in love with Avery and the world she has created. An old school wordsmith with a knack for difficult topics. Bring on novel number two; Merrill is a star in our midst, and one to watch. – The Gryphon
I could not put this book down once I had started. This has probably made it onto my list of 2019 favourites as I easily gave it 5 stars. This book was so amazing and moving, I think it’s a book everybody would love. – Imagine Amalee
It is a well written novel, with lively and often funny dialogue, characters that feel realistic, and a setting which is understandable and easy to relate to. Overall I found this an engaging, fascinating and challenging book. – Northern Reader
What a novel it is! Covering the difficult topic of controlling, abusive relationships, Ms Merrill does it flawlessly. – This Girl Talks
I found Emily’s book so close to reality that I could almost swear it wasn’t a fictional story at all. It’s a very raw and real depiction of what happens in an abusive relationship. – The Wellbeing Blogger
Mine is a powerful look at the darker side of love. It’s a story that is very much needed, for our younger readers out there. – Stacy is Reading
Mine was a hugely impactful and insightful read that sensitively dealt with a very real and difficult issue. I am excited for what Emily has in store for us next. – Laura Patricia Rose