What sort of books do Salad Pages publish?

We publish all genres (except poetry, short stories and erotica). General Fiction, Young Adult, Children’s, Thriller, Romance, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Crime, Non-fiction and more.

What format are books published in?

We publish our books as eBooks, print books and some audio books. We look at each book individually to decide which format our readers would most like and use.

What happens first?

You send us the first three chapters of your story to consider via the Submissions Form. We’ll get in touch with you within four weeks.

We’ll then ask you to send us the rest of your story. If we think it’s a story we can publish we’ll get in contact to offer you a book deal with us.

We’ll arrange to meet you, along with a friend, parent or guardian if you wish. This gives us a chance to get to know you and for you to get to know the Salad Pages team you’ll be working with.

Once everyone is happy we will sign a publishing contract and we will work together to turn your great story into a fabulous book.

What is the publishing process at Salad Pages?

You’ll have a Publishing Mentor for support and advice whenever you need it. You’ll also have an experienced Editor who will work with you to get your book ready to be published. Your Editor will help you revise your manuscript, looking at your book’s structure, characterisation, narrative pace and style, to make sure your book is the best it can be! The final draft of your manuscript will then be professionally copyedited, typeset and proofread. We’ll ask you to check the proofs before they are sent to be printed.

We work with talented cover designers who will make a fantastic front cover for your book. Before your book is published, we will work on a bespoke marketing plan and organise the launch event.

This sounds a lot, and it is, but we will work hard to make your fantastic book that will delight readers around the world.

We LOVE publishing books and we’re sure you’ll enjoy the process! Making your book will be a special and memorable experience, we promise!

How will I get paid?

We offer competitive royalties that you’ll receive for all your books sold. Every author signs a publishing contract with us and we pay your royalties biannually.

How will my book be marketed?

Every book we publish will have a book launch event (this can take many forms, but we’ll make it exciting!). If you’re still in education, we like to involve your institution in a positive way and have a book signing or reading where we can.

You, the author, are the star! We like to get you involved with your book promotion so you get the chance to showcase your book, in your way. We’ll use social media, reviewers, book blog tours and other ways to shout about your fabulous book!

Where will my book be sold?

Your book will be sold online and in high street bookshops. Your book will be available on Amazon and other global online retailers as well as on our Salad Pages online shop.

I’ve published a book with Salad Pages, what happens when I’m over 25 years old?

We’re really loyal to our authors. We’re here to support you and want you to keep on publishing your books with us for as long as you’re happy to, beyond the age of 25. You’re part of the Salad Pages family and we’re delighted to be a part of your journey as an author!

We encourage our more experienced authors to give a little time to help mentor our new authors where possible. Salad Pages is a family of creative, super-talented authors and it’s great to share ideas and experiences.